• Dub Flash Records is a record label established in 2003.

  • Dub Flash's Dub Mash is a radio show established in 2007

  • Dub Rogue is the guy who is behind Dub Flash.

  • For many years, the Outer Space Dub XPress sold dub records on- and offline.

  • Find all original content since 1998 archived here.

About Dub Flash

It all started with the man (more or less) known as Dub Rogue who started to spin records back in 1993. Many mixtapes followed during the 90s and on 4th May 1998, the original Dub Flash went online, the first website worldwide dedicated to DUB. After growing bigger and bigger for five years, a record label evolved out of the project, soon to be followed by a distribution and webshop (2004). In 2007, a radio program saw the light of day. Two years later, a promotion agency was founded as well as the MoonBass Hi+Fi soundsystem, before in 2011 the netlabel Whimsical Music completed the scenario.

By then, it had all gotten completely out of hands for a one-man-business, so I stepped back to what Dub Flash originally was: a hobby, dedicated to my beloved music style: DUB.

In 2013, only the record label and the radioshow are still active. And sometimes I do a guest DJ selection on some party. Rest stock of my shop is sold via Discogs or privately. But since I have gathered 1000+ pages on my original website, it still remains online as the Dub Flash Archive.

Dub Flash Records

Dub Flash Logo 2013

Dub Flash Records was founded in 2003 to release strictly dubwise music on vinyl. Two main series were conceived in the beginning: "Dub Splitz" and "Dub Shoe". The first was supposed to feature two different artists on two sides. The latter was a various artists pure dubwise compilation.

Check out more information here.

Dub Flash's Dub Mash

Dub Flash's Dub Mash flyer

Dub Mash is the radioshow that I ran from January 2007 on during my internship at radio Oi fm in Finland. One hour every Monday evening, I played new tunes, favourite tunes or had special topics that I presented. The show was on hiatus for a while after I left the station, but returned to it later as a pre-recorded show. Nowadays, the show is run occassionally as guest features for various other programs or stations. Check out all archived shows here.

Selector Dub Rogue, the Sample Recycler

Dub Rogue live and direct

Dub Rogue is my artist name. It is a reference to my youth's rap name "Der Dieb" (the thief). I have used lots of alternative names as a disguise ever since though and honestly, it somehow got out of hands. There are even artist profiles on Discogs of people who do not even exist. Anyway, if you are interested in my works, check out my portfolio here.

Outer Space Dub XPress

Outer Space Dub XPress

Outer Space Dub XPress was Dub Flash's own webshop and distribution from 2004 to 2011. It is out of business due to credit crunch also affecting the dub scene. After starting small, the whole thing became so huge it actually was a full-time job at some point. However, revenue did not match the work I put in. Nowadays, I sell rest stock and rare items in my Discogs Shop.

Dub Information Portal Archive

Dub Information Portal

Dub Information Portal: The original Dub Flash was a website dedicated to dub music: especially record reviews, interviews, news etc. were presented. Dub Flash was the very first website about dub ever and around 2000, when the scene was basically dead, the page was the connecting source for the few remaining fans.

Later, with forums, blogs and all the web 2.0 stuff, the page became some sort of obsolete. The reviews were still very much sought-after, but when my "yet-to-review-list" exceeded 250 records in 2011, I gave up. While it was awesome that the scene was alive and kicking again, it was simply way too much work to handle, especially with the label and shop. Eventually, I decided to archive the website for good. You can find most of the original content here.


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