Greetings Dubheads!

The whole life is a test of the audience, and of other people.

Brief Introduction to Dub Flash

Starting in 1998, Dub Flash was the first website in the history of the internet dedicated to Dub music. By 2000, it had turned into the Dub Information Portal. In 2003, Dub Flash Records released its first record. In 2004 Outer Space Dub XPress webshop and distribution opened. Since 2007, I make radio shows under the brand Dub Mash.

The Dub Information Portal was archived in 2011 and the shop & distribution closed shortly after. The label continues and I still have a small Discogs-shop where you can get rest stock. Welcome!


Order "Escape Velocity" for 5€ (digital) or 10€ (2xLP+digital, excl. shipping).

Digital Distribution

All our releases are available from almost all digital distribution websites for download as well as for streaming.

Some of the releases are free goodies and are only available for download from this website or Bandcamp.

The limited (between 25 and 750) edition vinyls, CDs and MCs are all sold out at the moment (except for DFR020).

First Dub Mash logo for Oi fm promotion

Dub Mash

Dub Mash is my radio show since 2007. You can find all episodes archived on the shows page.

Dub Rogue selecting at Berlin Dub Festival 2.0

Dub Flash in Session

You can find a couple of sound recordings and videos of past Dub Flash sessions on the shows page.

One of the MoonBass logos

MoonBass Hi+Fi

My partner-soundsystem since 2009, disbanded in late 2016. You can find a couple of memories in the gallery.

Promo flyer for the Outer Space Dub XPress

Outer Space Dub XPress

OSDX was my own webshop and distribution from 2004 to 2011. I still sell rest stock occassionally in my Discogs-shop.

A screenshot of the Dub Information Portal archive

Dub Information Portal

Some of the original content of the original DIP (1998-2011) is archived, so that you can read up and get melancholic about the good old days.

A typical scene from a MoonBass show at the Dub Camp festival


I took a trip through memory lane, dug through my photo archive and added a couple of pictures from the Dub Flash journey to the gallery.