DFDM005 - Dub School: History Lesson Part 4: the 00s

  • Episode no.: DFDM005
  • Episode title: Dub School: History Lesson Part 4: the 00s
  • Original airing date: 2007-02-12
  • Radio Station: Oi fm
  • MP3 Version: STREAM or DOWNLOADS
  • Listen here: to follow
  • Tracklisting:

    No. Artist Song Release Label
    1. Manipulators K-Dub MNP CD La Cartonnerie
    2. Prince David Evil Fe Burn Forward EP 12" Moa Anbessa
    3. Radical Gee Ten Thousand Soldiers The World Is Bunring CD ?
    4. Ghetto Priest Children Rise Children Rise 10" Dubateers
    5. Doctor Blue Who Make We Who Make We 10" Dubplate Sounds
    6. Don Judah Babylon The Liar Dub Shoe - Episode 2: Attack Of The Babylonians 10" Dub Flash Records
    7. Jah Melodie Jah Army Jah Army 7" Bush & Shadow Records
    8. Lancy Rankin Answer Answer 7" Giant Sounds
    9. Dreadlock Tales Level Stepper SynchroniCity CD ?
    10. Wszystkie Wschody Slonca Neti Neti Luv Etno Logic Dub CD Home Appliance
    11. Dub TV Rasta Prayer Music Of Northern Lights CD Dub TV Multimedia
    12. Manipulators Sai Tok MNP CD La Cartonnerie

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