DFDM007 - Dub School: Riddim Lesson Part 2: steppers

  • Episode no.: DFDM007
  • Episode title: Dub School: Riddim Lesson Part 2: steppers
  • Original airing date: 2007-02-26
  • Radio Station: Oi fm
  • MP3 Version: STREAM or DOWNLOADS
  • Listen here: to follow
  • Tracklisting:

    No. Artist Song Release Label
    1. Scientist Landing Dub Landing LP? ?
    2. Bullwackies All Stars Natures Dub Natures Dub LP Wackies
    3. Manipulators Cho Mai MNP CD La Cartonnerie
    4. Dub Syndicate No Dogs Bark Stoned Immaculate LP On-U Sound
    5. Unitone Soundimentional Dub For I & I Dub Shoe - Episode 2: Attack Of The Babylonians 10" Dub Flash Records
    6. Sir Larsie I One Love Dubwise One Love EP 12" Phoenix Upliftment
    7. The Disciples African Soul A Dubbers Guide 2xLP Dubhead
    8. Slimmah Sound Dub System Judgement Dub Judgement 7" Deep Root
    9. Dub Rogue feat. Orly Andromeda Rootswise (Dub) - unreleased
    10. Harry Beckett Magic Ship ? yet unreleased
    11. Zion Train Dub That I Choose Life That I Choose 7" Deep Root
    12. Kanka Nova Dub Alert CD Hammerbass

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