DFDM014 - Dub School: Label Lesson Part 1: On-U Sound, Pt. 1

  • Episode no.: DFDM014
  • Episode title: Dub School: Label Lesson Part 1: On-U Sound, Pt. 1
  • Original airing date: 2007-04-16
  • Radio Station: Oi fm
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  • Listen here: to follow
  • Tracklisting:

    No. Artist Song Release Label
    1. Gary Clail's On-U Sound System Human Nature (live version) The Emotional Hooligan LP (1990) On-U Sound
    2. Dub Syndicate No Dog Barks Stoned Immacuulate LP (1990) On-U Sound
    3. Creation Rebel Independent Man Independent Man 10" (1982) On-U Sound
    4. Creation Rebel Version Independent Man 10" (1982) On-U Sound
    5. Bim Sherman Slummy Ghetto Across The Red Sea LP (1982) On-U Sound
    6. Mark Stewart Jerusalem Learning To Cope With Cowardice LP (1983) On-U Sound
    7. Eskimo Fox Digital (Theme From "On The Wire") Pay It All Back Volume 2 LP (1988) On-U Sound
    8. Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System Get This Tackhead Tape Time LP (1998) On-U Sound
    9. Audio Active Electric Bombardment (Remix) Happy Shopper In Europe EP 12" (1995) On-U Sound
    10. Little Roy All Day Long Longtime LP (1996) On-U Sound
    11. Audio Active Dub In An Abyss Happy Happer LP (1995) On-U Sound
    12. Gary Clail Autobiography Dreamstealers LP (1993) On-U Sound

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