• Dub Flash Records is a record label established in 2003.

About Dub Flash Records

Dub Flash Logo 2013

Dub Flash Records was founded in 2003 to release strictly dubwise music on vinyl. Two series were conceived: "Dub Splitz" and "Dub Shoe". The first was supposed to feature two different artists on two sides. The latter was a various artists pure dubwise compilation.

My plan, idea, dream and hope was always to stay 100% dubwise. However, the people wanted to have vocal versions accompanying the dubs. Therefore I had to make compromises in order to sell records.

After some years, my records sold out pretty quickly after release which means that the label became a success. However, I started to hate my releases, because they were not what I wanted them to be in the first place. I had sold out myself. Dub Flash was supposed to stand for 100% dub. And dub only! Not reggae. That's what it was all about. There was enough reggae out there, but who cared for the dub itself? Dub is NOT reggae and reggae is NOT dub.

After 10 releases, I took a break to re-think my dub-life. I stopped the label-business and went back to my roots: pure dubwise. And that's how it will remain. Because the financial aspect is out of the game now, I can do whatever I want with my label. I love that.

Check the archive for more info about DFR back in the days.


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