Dub Mash Episode 4: Dub School: History Lesson Part 3: the 90s

05 February 2007

Listen right here:

Unfortunately, the original files have been lost. I don't remember, but it could be that the show was not recorded in the first place.

Not working?

Looks like it was an awesome selection. Would like to hear what I did back then.


I wonder if anyone in the world recorded the show when it aired on Oi fm? Or at least listened to. ;-)


  • 1. InnerState Sound System Ark Of The Covenant Dub Out West Volume 1 2xLP Nubian Records
  • 2. The Disciples Heartland Dub Dubhead Volume 2 2xLP Shiver Records
  • 3. Aba Shanti I Tribute To Tommy McCook Jericho Walls Verse III LP Falasha Recordings
  • 4. Iration Steppas Reminiscence Dub Original Dub DAT LP Iration Steppas
  • 5. Iration Steppas Run Dibby Dibby Dub Club Meets Dub Volume 2 2xLP Zip Dog
  • 6. Jah Warrior Zion Dub Storm CD Lush Records
  • 7. Bush Chemists Third Eye Dubhead Volume 2 2xLP Shiver Records
  • 8. Centry Jah Know Dub Thunder Mountain LP Conscious Sounds
  • 9. Dub Specialists Ice Cream Man Dub To Dub - Beat To Beat Volume 2 LP ?
  • 10. Dub Judah Fisherman Dub Dubtech Dub LP Dub Jockey
  • 11. Alpha & Omega feat. Dub Judah Almighty Jah Almighty Jah CD Alpha & Omega
  • 12. Earthquake Seven Seals Dub Revelation In Dub Volume 1 LP Earthquake?
  • 13. Jonah Dan Black Void Intergalaktik Dub Rock LP Abba Christos Tafari
  • 14. Hazardous Dub Company Feisty Dub Dangerous Dub LP Acid Jazz
  • 15. Stryka Dread Black Woman Dub Dub Out West Volume 3 2xLP Nubian Records
  • 16. Drumhead 16 Holes Dub Dubhead Volume 4 2xLP Dubhead
  • 17. Grounation King Of Dub Serious Dropout Round 2 2xLP Sony Music
  • 18. Ras Command Rashead In Dub Volume 2 CD ?
  • 19. Di Iries Blade Worry Not LP Buback
  • 20. Dub Me Ruff System feat. Pensi Caught In A Trap Mama Say 12" Sound Navigator
  • 21. Dub Me Ruff System Caught In A Trap Version Mama Say 12" Sound Navigator