Dub Mash Episode 46: The Three ???

20 September 2014

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This show from 2014 got lost somehow. I was able to retrieve the playlist at least, so I made a new mix, but without the announcements.


Dubcreator "Freak Dub"

International Observer "Pick Up The Beater"

Noiseshaper "The Only Redeemer"

Dubblestandart feat. Lee Perry "Fungus Dub"

Dubblestandart "I Do Voodoo (Rob Smith Remix)"

Don Goliath "Beware (Dub)"

Don Goliath "Children of Israel (Dub)"

Hijak "Dally"

Jah Taja "0111"

Xi "Glass"

Earlyworm "Big Common"

Deep fried Dub "Berocca Dub"

2 Piper St. Sound meets Dialect Trio "Cumbiarus (Piper St. Sound Remix)"