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About Dub Rogue

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Dub Rogue is the guy behind this whole Dub Flash thingy here. Dub Flash has always been just one person. Everything else was just to mess with your brains. There is for example no such person as Antti Mäkeläinen.
Having said that, read Dub Rogue's bio, written by Antti Mäkeläinen:


Dub Rogue was a dub producer from the heart of Europe: Berlin. Besides running the Dub Flash Records label and spinning records for the MoonBass Hi+Fi Soundsystem, he also produced music in his Oakfield Rooftop Studios.

He started playing guitar as a young boy but soon after founding out about dub music (aged 14), he switched to the bass, which he played in a school band ("5 Freunde und der Zauberer W.") until the late 90s. During that time he was also active in the young German rap scene, being a member of the "Rasselbande" (as "Der Dieb") and later loosely of the "Dachboden Posse" (as "MK Trockenpresse"). Some tracks were finished at that time but are either lost or he doesn't know how to retrieve them...

He bought his first personal computer in 1996 (what a new world!) and started building first riddims (with samples & midi). At the beginning these were mostly hip hop instrumentals, followed by trip hop and downbeat grooves, then soon ending up with dub vibes under the name "Dieb In Dub Productions".

At the same time and under the same name, he started to mix dubtapes. Until 2003, 50 mixtapes have been "released", mostly with a certain topic and special covers, something which he continued to do with the official label releases later on. It was some kind of hobby for him and he was inspired by many 60s and 70s vinyl covers which had great ideas. He was aware that reggae-people do not care very much about covers but he liked it nonetheless.

His official debut album "Dreams Of A Lost Soul" was released in early 2005 on Dub Flash Records and is a true musical experience, a concept album about dreams, reality and life. Kitchy but loveable. The ground basis for this music-fairytale idea came already several years ago but it took a while until he really found the time to finish the album. At the end, he was forced to release it a bit earlier than planned due to a Japan-deal. "Big in Japan, alright!" (Alphaville)

Due to his limited time, he was not able to build many riddims anymore. But there was always some time for remix works and some secret projects. He was also grabbing the mic from time to time again. This and his remixes for hip hop crews still show that he could not forget his roots. Future works were always planned, so by the time you read that, who knows what happened.

Outside his life as Dub Rogue and / or Dub Flash, Ralf studied philosophy, psychology and media studies at the University of Potsdam from October 2004 to March 2011. Before, he "learned" a job at a big company in Berlin from 1998 to 2001 and afterwards worked three more years for them in the marketing department where he was responsible for the company's website, online commercials & campaigns and basically everything which had to do with new media. It was an interesting time but also very soul-consuming. So he quit it and did more or less the contrary: becoming a student. After finishing with a best-rated master's thesis about the "Ethics of Computer Gaming", he went back to his old company, saved some money and then emigrated to Finland, the country where he already spent much time in during his studies.

Regarding hobbies, Ralf was a passionate football fan and was playing for example for 1. FFV Spandau in Berlin. He might have been a promising young player but uncountable injuries stopped him from playing seriously. He nevertheless fulfilled one of his dreams: being a footbal legionnaire in a foreign country: He played several seasons for the team AFCK Joensuu in Finland. After his active career, he became a coach and trained both, mens and womens teams.

He also enjoyed fantasy literature, was a Star Wars fan and could be seen walking in the Grunewald forest. He tried to avoid big "reggae" parties and crowded mass places, except if he spinned records himself. If not, peace and quiet was better for him. And that is how it shall end. With peace and quiet.



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