DFR001: Dub Splitz Part 1: The Beginning

  • Artist(s): Dubcreator feat. Jonah Dan meets Sayan
  • Release title: Dub Splitz Part 1: The Beginning
  • Release number: DFR001
  • Release-Date: 2003-10-30
  • Format: 7"
  • Copies: 500
  • Status: sold out
  • Tracklisting:
  • A1 - Dubcreator feat. Jonah Dan "Dub Flash" 6:03 min.
  • B1 - Sayan "Who Dunnit?" 5:14 min.
  • Listen to the tracks:
  • Pictures:
  • Behind the scenes:
  • In Spring 2003, Dub Flash partied it's 5th birthday and apart from a big winning contest, Dubcreator gave me a special present: the "Dub Flash" hymn. I liked the song so much that I decided to press it on a vinyl. It was supposed to be a one time event only. For the B-Side I used another dubplate which was extra mixed for me.

    The tunes went to the pressing plant in April 2003. It took until October until I got the final pressing. The communication with the company was bad and so was the quality. Like this, I didn't want to "end" the release-list of Dub Flash. Therefore, I decided to release more. But this is another story.

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