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04 September 2011

Dubbycally EP

  • Artist: Gaggeldub
  • Format: MP3, FLAC, WAVE, ALAC, AAC, Ogg Vobis, AIFF, Stream
  • Tracks:
  • 01 - "Dubbycally Drive" 06:09 min.
  • 02 - "Dubbycally Dub" 06:24 min.
  • 03 - "Dubbycally Deep" 07:11 min.
  • Listen here or (free) download from Bandcamp:

    You can also download the EP as a ZIP file from us (45,7 MB). Creative Commons License

    Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes:

    Gaggeldub takes you on a journey into the digital dub universe with the solar-powered spaceship Gaggelmobil. The deep style of SplatterDub is live-sound-surfing inna di loop with many surprises...

    DFR012 is the first free download release on Dub Flash and marks the start of a reshaping of the label due to reasons.

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