DFR014: AndromeDub

  • Artist(s): Gaggeldub
  • Release title: AndromeDub
  • Release number: DFR014
  • Release-Date: 2011-12-04
  • Format: MC
  • Copies: that's a secret
  • Status: available
  • Buy here. All MCs include a free download link for the MP3s. Prices below include worldwide shipping. (Only few copies left.)
  • Tracklisting (including 1 minute sample links):
  • A1 Dubbycally Drive (LP Edit) 05:42
  • A2 Dub Wire 05:09
  • A3 Deepa Dub 04:12
  • A4 Follow The Dub 05:27
  • A5 Dub Down Nuclear 05:04
  • A6 AndromeDub 03:08
  • B1 Long Board 06:05
  • B2 Music Is De Key 05:56
  • B3 Gaggel Space 06:49
  • B4 Solar Sounds 04:04
  • B5 Dub It Up 02:36
  • B6 Wicked Dub Ticket 02:57
  • Listen to the tracks:
  • Check the sample links above.
  • Pictures:
  • Behind the scenes:
  • All tracks live produced by Gaggeldub in 2011 with Electribe MX. - onetakes - www.gaggeldub.de

    This release is available on cassette and MP3. I wanted to go back to my roots with this release and this is cassette works (Dieb in Dub mixtapes back in the 90s was the start). The money from the MP3 sales goes to Gaggeldub to support their solar-based energy working projects. The money for the MCs only covers my costs. If at all.

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