Perfectly Pathetic (Back in the Days)

11 April 2017

Der Dieb

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  • 1. "Trip It"
  • 2. "Rein in die Kartoffeln, raus aus den Kartoffeln"
  • 3. "Du solltest mich nie wieder dämlich nennen"
  • 4. "Twelvebries in Theben"
  • 5. "Revenge of the Terracotta"
  • 6. "BeatMash"
  • 7. "Heia WalpurgisDub (Perfectly Pathetic Midi Dub Demo)"
  • 8. "Loneliness in the Sky (Perfectly Pathetic Midi Prefly)"
  • 9. "Loneliness in the Sky (Perfectly Pathetic Original OMG)"
  • 10. "What the... I Can't Even... (Perfectly Pathetic Poodoo)"
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    Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes:

    This is not a real release. When digging through some very old data CDs, I found a couple of my very first tunes from 1996-1997. Waaay back in the days, without any clue what to do, no real programs for making music, no VSTs, just a freeware sequencer, MIDI and a bunch of sample CDs.

    These were my very first attempts of producing music. I barely remember making these tunes, probably because my mind was clouded often back then. Actually, most of them I don't remember at all, my first thought when I found these tracks was: What is this? Most of my memories from my nights during civil service time have vanished, but most of these songs must be from this time.

    I find the transition from hip hop / beats to dub interesting and it matches the timeline of my musical life. The last tunes on this EP are from "Dieb in Dub", the first test versions of what later became "Loneliness in the Sky" (DFR006). So this is quite an interesting help for me when I try to remember when I fully shifted towards dub: 1996/97.

    While the quality of these tunes is pretty horrible, I do like the ideas behind the songs and I do get what I (assumingly) thought about the songs back then and how they could/would have sounded if I would have had the technology, equipment and skills to produce them properly. You should not take them seriously, instead consider them to be ideas.

    Anyway, for completion reasons and simply for having one more release number for my label vita (egotripping, you know), I compiled this EP. I won't even tell anyone that this release exists. If you found this, then kudos. You are probably one of three people in the whole world who has it. One of them is me.

    The release date 11th April 2017 marks my 40th birthday. Fuck, I got old. What happened...

    In any case: R. I. P. Der Dieb. Long live Dub Flash!