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15 March 2017

Dub Royalty (Free Bonuses)

  • Artists: Various
  • Format: MP3, FLAC, WAVE, ALAC, AAC, Ogg Vobis, AIFF, Stream
  • Tracks: (in brackets: the original release)
  • 01 - Echo Gekko "Happy Birthday Selassie" 3:34 min. (DFR010)
  • 02 - Gregor Teosa "Stepwise" 5:03 min. (DFR010)
  • 03 - Dub1 "Triple Crown" 3:04 min. (DFR010)
  • 04 - Poor Man Stylist "Burning" 2:43 min. (DFR010)
  • 05 - Sayan "Who Dunnit?" 5:15 min. (DFR001)
  • DFR01
  • Listen here or (free) download from Bandcamp:

    Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes:

    Since it made no sense to add DFR010 "Dub Royal: The Best of Dub Flash" to the digital distribution scheme, there was only the question what to do with the bonus tracks. They would have fallen off the radar and that's not nice. I therefore decided to offer all the remaining Dub Flash songs (four, to be precise) which are not digitally available yet as a free download for all the fans who still care enough to actually wanting to download them. Wow, what a long, difficult sentence.

    As a bonus, there is the B-side of DFR001 added to this package. It's not available through the regular digital distribution, although you can get it from Bandcamp. For free. Enjoy!

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