Dub Splitz Part 1:
The Beginning

Dub Splitz Part 1: The Beginning

Release no.: DFR001
Artist: Dubcreator feat. Jonah Dan meets Sayan
Digital re-release: 02.02.2017
Original 7" vinyl release: 30.10.2003
Copies (vinyl): 500 (hand-numbered)
Status (vinyl): Sold out
A - "Dub Flash" 6:03 min.
B - "Who Dunnit" 5:14 min.
Note: The digital re-release only contains track A. Track B is digitally available for free on DFR017.

Behind the scenes:

For the 5th Dub Flash anniversary, I had prepared a big winning contest in Spring 2003. As a surprise gift, Dubcreator sent me his "Dub Flash" hymn and gave me permission to release it for free (well, I had to pay the release, but you know what I mean). I was very happy. For the B-side, I got another dubplate that was extra made for me.

I sent the tunes to the pressing plant in April 2003. It took until late October that I finally got the pressing. It's not the best pressing and there are various reasons for it. And the end, it was meant as a one-time-fun-gimmick. Except that it became such a success that it was not the end, but the beginning. Hence the retro-connected title.

Due to special request and popular demand, the official "Dub Flash" hymn is finally available in a digital form since February 2017. Sorry it took that long. But good things take a while. Since the big digital distributors don't allow singles with more than one song, the B-Side was left out for this single release. But fear not, my friends. If you seek "Who Dunnit?", you can find it on DFR017.

DFR001 A label
DFR001 B label

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