Dub Splitz Part 2:
Northern Lights

Dub Splitz Part 2: Northern Lights

Release no.: DFR003
Artist: AB-10 Meets Uptown Selector
Digital re-release: 22.02.2017
Original LP vinyl release: 01.04.2004
Copies (vinyl): 300
Status (vinyl): Sold out
01 - AB-10 "Dark Parameter Dub" 4:13 min.
02 - AB-10 feat. Annu "Scaling / Reform (Diskomix)" 8:22 min.
03 - AB-10 "Temptation Island Dub" 4:35 min.
04 - AB-10 "Station Zero Dub" 3:55 min.
05 - Uptown Selector feat. Bobby Culture "Computerize" 4:52 min.
06 - Uptown Selector "Sidewalk Dub" 5:32 min.
07 - Uptown Selector "Result Positive" 4:14 min.
08 - Uptown Selector "Re-Computerize" 4:19 min.

Behind the scenes:

Another Dub Flash discovery. I was like an A&R for Dub artists. ;-) AB-10 and Uptown Selector were two dub crews from Finland. A few years later, they merged into Intergalaktik Sound, Finland's biggest soundsystem, record label and producer crew.

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DFR003 B label
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