Dub Splitz Part 3:
HeartCore Dub

Dub Splitz Part 3: HeartCore Dub

Release no.: DFR005
Artist: Various
Digital re-release: 24.02.2017
Original LP vinyl release: 01.04.2005
Copies (vinyl): 500
Status (vinyl): Sold out
01 - Social Living Sounds "The Art Of Dub (Jah Seasons)" 4:30 min.
02 - Social Living Sounds "Hail JAH" 4:14 min.
03 - Social Living Sounds "Chant Down The Walls Of Babylon" 4:26 min.
04 - Social Living Sounds "Dub Light" 5:04 min.
05 - Gary Dub "Dub The Nations 2005" 4:34 min.
06 - Gary Dub feat. Hatman "Burning Herbs" 4:56 min.
07 - Gary Dub "Freedom Inna Sound System" 3:59 min.
08 - Gary Dub "Night Session" 5:14 min.
09 - Gary Dub "DF Tribute" 3:01 min.

Behind the scenes:

The third part of the Dub Splitz series brought together a nowadays well known Swedish dub crew (SLS) and a back then newcomer from France, Gary Dub. Today he is known as Gary Clunk. Both artists have released several records since. Remember where you heard 'em first.

Even though the album sounds super fat and got good critics and I personally am still blown away by the thunderous bass on the A-Side, the album sold very slowly and was the last remaining record I still had in stock 10 years later (albeit only very few last copies).

DFR005 A label
DFR005 B label
DFR005 LP cover front
DFR005 LP cover back
DFR005 promo

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