Dub Splitz Part 4:
Run Soundboy Run!!!!

Dub Splitz Part 4: Run Soundboy Run!!!!

Release no.: DFR007
Artist: Dubcreator feat. Madu meets Inspirational Sound feat. Dan-I & Iration Steppas
Digital re-release: 24.02.2017
Original LP vinyl release: 01.11.2005
Copies (vinyl): 750
Status (vinyl): Sold out
01 - Madu "Where You Gonna Run?" 3:20 min.
02 - Dubcreator "Where You Gonna Hide?" 4:25 min.
03 - Dubcreator "Where You Gonna Dub?" 4:55 min.
04 - Inspirational Sound feat. Dan-I "One Jah Love" 4:05 min.
05 - Inspirational Sound "Pollen Dub" 4:18 min.
06 - Inspirational Sound "Pollen (Iration Steppas Mix)" 4:10 min.

Behind the scenes:

DFR007 is the best selling Dub Flash release as well as the one with the best feedback and the highest amount of pressed copies. I personally dig track B3 a lot. It's magical to my ears.

Sad side note: Someone stole Mark Iration's 10" copy from literally under his table. Shame on you, thief.

DFR007 A label
DFR007 B label

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