Dub Splitz Part 5:
A Scent of Philosophy Chapter One

Dub Splitz Part 5: A Scent of Philosophy Chapter One

Release no.: DFR009
Artist: Vibronics meets Trulaikes feat. Sir Larsie I & Dub Rogue
Digital re-release: 24.02.2017
Original LP vinyl release: 20.03.2009
Copies (vinyl): 500
Status (vinyl): Sold out
01 - Vibronics "Critical Situation" 4:23 min.
02 - Vibronics "Critical Riddim" 4:26 min.
03 - Vibronics "Critical Dub" 4:24 min.
04 - Sir Larsie I "Stand Firm" 3:57 min.
05 - Trulaikes "Dub Firm" 3:57 min.
06 - Dub Rogue "Meh 2.0" 5:48 min.

Behind the scenes:

"Critical Situation" was an untitled dubplate for a Vibronics session in Berlin, therefore it made sense to release it on a Berlin-based label.

The vinyl comes with several surprises:
- a "hidden" track
- an endless groove
- obscure engraving on both sides
- several textual jokes, secret codes and signs on both labels
- "Meh 2.0" is an exploration of the boundaries of Dub with the result that there are none, only in your head.

DFR009 A label
DFR009 B label
DFR009 A label

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