Whimsical Music, Part 3:
Carelian EP

Carelian EP

Release no.: DFR013, WHIM002
Artist: Dub Rogue
Digital release: 04.09.2011
1. Carelia, Verse 1: Frost (Radiomix) feat. HaHoHulluA 4:53
2. Carelia, Verse 2: Twilight feat. Lingo, Paul & Der Dieb 4:53
3. Carelia, Verse 3: Aurora (Dub) 5:36
4. Carelia, Verse 1: Frost (Discomix) feat. HaHoHulluA 7:06
5. Carelian Riddim 7:00
6. Carelia, Verse 1: Frost (Live) feat. HaHoHulluA 6:39

Behind the scenes:

This EP is the second release in the "Whimsical Music" net-series (WHIM002).

My "Carelian" riddim was featured first on DFR006. This EP is a collection of alternative versions. 1 is a shorter version for radio airplay (as if, lol). 2 and 3 are taken from DFR010 (CD only). 4 is a discomix which seems to be slightly different to the original version on DFR006, at least according to the track length? 5 is the raw riddim, in case you want to sing or rap over it yourself. 6 is a live recording from a gig in Tampere, Finland.

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