Release no.: DFR014
Artist: Gaggeldub
Digital re-release: 24.02.2017
Original MC (cassette) release: 04.12.2011
Copies (MC): 25
Status (MC): Sold out
01 - "Dubbycally Drive (LP Edit)" 5:42 min.
02 - "Dub Wire" 5:09 min.
03 - "Deepa Dub" 4:12 min.
04 - "Follow The Dub" 5:27 min.
05 - "Dub Down Nuclear" 5:04 min.
06 - "AndromeDub" 3:08 min.
07 - "Long Board" 6:05 min.
08 - "Music Is De Key" 5:56 min.
09 - "Gaggel Space" 6:49 min.
10 - "Solar Sounds" 4:04 min.
11 - "Dub It Up" 2:36 min.
12 - "Wicked Dub Ticket" 2:57 min.

Behind the scenes:

All tracks live produced by Gaggeldub in 2011 with Electribe MX. - onetakes - www.gaggeldub.de

This release originally came as a limited cassette release. I wanted to go back to my roots with this release and my roots were cassettes after all (Dieb in Dub mixtapes back in the mid 90s). I made everything myself (except for the music, of course): bought recordable tapes, copied all of them individually from WAV to MC in real time, made tape stickers and a tape cover. Just like I did back in the days as a youth. Pure handcrafted magic. :D This was maybe the most fun release of them all. I loved doing it. Back to the old school.

DFR014 MC cover

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