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Behind the scenes:

Dub Flash Records is going back to the very beginning. Actually, even before Dub Flash was conceived. These are our very first attempts of making music. Total Chaos, basically. Not the great rap crew with that name, but the music. Lots of samples, no real plan, unintelligible titles. This release is just for fun and the memories. It's not overly good music, but it's audible. Pun intended. What pun? I don't know. Check out the MP3 tags for some insider information about the tracks, if you want. I retrieved these old files a little while ago on a very old harddisk in the storage. They got a proper cleaning from mastering man Matrix Audio. He did what he could: a little miracle.


Die Pilzen, various sample CDs, probably an early Cubasis version and something like Musik Maker or Hip Hop Ejay or some tool like that, I don't remember.


Matrix Audio for the mastering and Me(h) for all the rest.


Die Pilzen, MK Trockenpresse, Taugenichts, Der Dieb, Dachboden Posse, Dicht, Skunk Funk, Filmation Ghostbusters, The Riddle of Master Lu, this one guy who made a Public Domain adventure game on the Amiga which played in ancient Egypt, Dungeon Krampfer, A Fish Named Wanda, my mother for making the best rissole in the world, Bernd Wessel for the musical support back in high school, 5 Fremde und der Zauberer W, Ton & Midi Studio, Matthias Geigenberger, Jan Evers, Haus Uhlenbusch & staff, BuWu and Die Allianz (the early 90s rap crew, not the pop band or the insurance company).


The people who write Photoshop-tutorials and put them online for free, the people who make Photoshop-presets and put them online for free, the people who program VSTs, effects and virtual music stuff and put them online for free, the creators of and everyone involved with Stranger Things, and Jar Jar.

The (originally planned) release date 11th April 2017 marks my 40th birthday. Of course the release got delayed. As always. ;-) It's 2018 now. Yeah, yeah, I know.

R.I.P. Der Dieb. Long live Dub Flash!

DFR015 big cover front
DFR015 big cover back

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