Raiders of the Lost Dubs

Raiders of the Lost Dubs

Release no.: DFR018
Artist: Various
Digital release: 04.05.2017
01 - Dubcreator "Dub Flash (12" Mix)" 6:30 min. (original version on DFR001)
02 - Dubcreator "Righteousness (Cute Cut)" 7:13 min. (original version on DFR002)
03 - AB-10 "Reform" 4:09 min. (original version on DFR003)
04 - Dangerman "Noon (Vocalised Dub Mix)" 3:46 min. (original version on DFR004)
05 - Coptic Sound "Lion Rising (Alternate Version 1)" 6:05 min. (original version on DFR004)
06 - Coptic Sound "Lion Rising (Alternate Version 2)" 6:00 min. (original version on DFR004)
07 - Social Living Sounds feat. Peter "Hail JAH (Live Version)" 3:30 min. (original version on DFR005)
08 - Dub Rogue "A Night Out In Dub (Video Clip Remix)" 3:54 min. (original version on DFR006)
09 - Dubcreator feat. Madu "Where You Gonna Run (Dubplate Mix)" 3:08 min. (original version on DFR007)
10 - Dubcreator "Where You Gonna Hide (Dubplate Mix)" 4:22 min. (original version on DFR007)
11 - Dubcreator "Where You Gonna Dub (Dubplate Mix)" 4:37 min. (original version on DFR007)
12 - Inspirational Sound feat. Dan-I "One Jah Love (Vocal Mix 1)" 4:05 min. (original version on DFR007)
13 - Inspirational Sound feat. Dan-I "One Jah Love (Vocal Mix 2)" 4:09 min. (original version on DFR007)
14 - Blakkahill "Babylon The Version (Riddim)" 4:16 min. (original version on DFR008)
15 - Blakkahill feat. Don Judah "Babylon The Liar (Alternative Mix)" 4:16 min. (original version on DFR008)
16 - Blakkahill "Babylon The Dub (Alternative Mix)" 4:16 min. (original version on DFR008)
17 - Dub Rogue "Meh 1.0 (JahSka Instrumental)" 5:48 min. (original version on DFR009)
18 - Gaggeldub "Dubbycally Drive (Thriving Version)" 6:31 min. (original version on DFR012)
19 - Gaggeldub "Dubbycally Dub (Thundering Version)" 5:33 min. (original version on DFR012)
20 - Gaggeldub "Follow The Dub (Tight Version)" 3:43 min. (original version on DFR014)

Behind the scenes:

Dub Flash Records presents another goodie for the loyal fans: 20 gems from Dub Flash's personal treasure chest. Unreleased cuts, dubplates, remixes, live versions... This compilation has it all and spans a decade of good vibrations from the wonderful artists of Dub Flash's Andromedub galaxy.

There are always some themes going on at Dub Flash. Mostly the extra-galactic thingy, but not only. The "Dub Shoe" series was inspired by "Star Wars". "Raiders of the Lost Dubs" is inspired by "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (Indiana Jones). The cover is *ahem* a quixotic spoof of the original film poster. Can you find all the (more or less) hidden Dub Flash elements?

The idea for this release came during a guest feature at Dub Conference radio on christmas 2016. You can listen to the show here.

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