Escape Velocity:
20 Years Onward to Andromedub

Escape Velocity: 20 Years Onward to Andromedub

Release no.: DFR020
Artist: Various
Digital release: 04.06.2018
2xLP vinyl release: 04.06.2018
Copies (vinyl): 300 (250 for sale)
Status (vinyl): available (buy-button under the tracklist)

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01 - Dubcreator feat. Sister Nadia "Journey of Life" 2:57
02 - Dubcreator "Dub of Life" 3:42
03 - Malone Rootikal "Hataz" 4:27
04 - Pasadena Grande "Walking in Heaven (Benny's Theme)" 4:06
05 - Gaggeldub "Fluidub (Pure Version)" 4:46
06 - Inspirational Sound feat. Richie Ranks "War" 4:05
07 - Inspirational Sound "War Dub" 3:56
08 - Jah Warrior "Forward Step" 3:34
09 - Jah Warrior "Forward Dub" 3:38
10 - Sunday Steppas feat. Mari K "I Choose to Smile and Dub" 6:06
11 - Sunday Steppas "We Choose to Dub and Smile (Instrumental Riddim)" 5:55*
12 - Sir Larsie I "Forever Dub Flash" 3:30
13 - Sir Larsie I "Dub Flash Forever" 5:23
14 - Sir Larsie I "Flash Forever Dub" 5:08
15 - Jah Schulz "A Mentally Dub" 3:48
16 - Burning Babylon "Dubisphere (Scorpius Rising Remix)" 3:17
17 - AB-10 "Dub in the Name of Ralphos Christos Chapter One Verse One" 4:08*
18 - AB-10 "Dub in the Name of Ralphos Christos Chapter One Verse Two" 4:16*
19 - AB-10 "Dub in the Name of Ralphos Christos Chapter One Verse Three" 4:17*
20 - Dub Rogue "Escape Velocity" 4:16
* only available on the digital version

For three songs on the vinyl edition, Dub Flash doesn't own the digital rights. The three AB-10 tracks mentioned above replaced them on the digital edition.
B3 - Dreadlock Tales "Level StepperLevel Stepper" 5:16
D1 - The Process feat. Little Axe, Ghetto Priest & Lee Perry "Return the Treasures" 4:10
D2 - The Process "Treasures Dub (Adrian Sherwood Mix)" 4:10

Additional vinyl-only bonus tracks:
DFR020Bonus - Gaggeldub "Fluidub (Liquid Version)" 4:22**
DFR020Bonus - Inspirational Sound "War Dub (Verse 3)" 3:59**
DFR020Special - Gaggeldub "Fluidub (Dirty Version)" 4:18***
**Only available as a pre-order 7" bonus perk during the crowdfunding campaign before 30.11.2017.
***Only available as a last minute 10" pre-order bonus perk during the crowdfunding campaign on 30.11.2017.

Behind the scenes:

On 4th May 2018, Dub Flash celebrates its 20th anniversary with release number 20, a 2xLP (+digital). 20 tracks that cover (almost) the entire Dub Flash era. Every side starts with one vocal & dub track and finishes with three different dubs.

There are 250 copies for sale (50 of the 300 copies were promos and payments for the artists).

The release got supported by those lovely people:

Monika & Dieter Wunderlich


Tom Bauminista, Michael Steinbach

Luisa & Eric Engeleit

Robert Beebass

Henning "MoonBass" Richter

Jules Dalitz, Romain Chapuis, Sandokan Hifi Sound System, Juho Mutanen, Youri Van Driessche, Jahnabet, Olli Dublifter

Aldubb, TwizzyDizzy, rub-a-dub-souldier, Kerni99, Lukas Chalice, Benjammin, Josie B. Good, Roadical, Jan (Ganja Riddim), Ole Stührmann, Anja Winnes, Sodulu

Tanja Pischel, I&I Dubwise

Sandra Mandla

Yardman, Roger, Jani "Kuningas" Strand, Stefan Leins, Michael Rose, Simo Nuutinen, Florian Bolk, Olli Pirskanen, Marco Mikrobi, Saku Daranouvongs, Ger Ry, Burkhardt Wunderlich

Honorable mention due to alternative support methods: Dirk Büttner, Jiras, Jopas and the whole Jas legacy, Antti M., Rami V., Marsupilami-Man, Karl H., André P. and the one that got away.

DFR020 A label
DFR020 B label
DFR020 C label
DFR020 D label
DFR020 gatefold LP cover outside
DFR020 gatefold cover inside

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