Dubs of Jupiter

Dubs of Jupiter

Release no.: DFR023
Artist: Dub Rogue
Digital release: 11.04.2023
01 - Metis Dub 5:10 min.
02 - Adrastea Dub 5:47 min.
03 - Amalthea Dub 4:51 min.
04 - Thebe Dub 6:59 min.
05 - Io Dub 7:11 min.
06 - Europa Dub 7:52 min.
07 - Ganymede Dub 6:34 min.
08 - Callisto Dub 4:40 min.

Dub Flash's 25th anniversary celebrations kick off with DFR023: "Dubs of Jupiter", an exploration of how dub music would sound if made on the moons of Jupiter. We assume that the music is intergalactically inaccurate though due to a lack of sound on those moons.
Disclaimer: This is not reggae dub, doesn't involve Earth-based roots and culture and is not soundsystem style. These are outer space dub vibrations for space dreamers from the Moons of Jupiter. Respect to all reggae dub artists out there.


All tracks by, from, with, around, through & because of Dub Rogue
at Beyond Andromedub Studio (2022-2023) and
mixed at Intergalaktik Sound Studio (2023).
Overseen, mastered and produced by Me(h).
Cover artwork by Professor Chaos.

Behind the scenes:

Some songs are based on melody or bassline fragments that go all the way back to 1998. 25 years in the making, just like Dub Flash itself. I needed to finally get those ideas out of my system, so there we go. Done.

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