Dub Shoe - Episode 3: Stepping of the Dub

Dub Shoe - Episode 3: Stepping of the Shoe

Release no.: DFR030
Artist: Various Dubists
Digital release: 04.05.2024
1 - Dubcreator "The Power" 4:02 min.
2 - Burning Babylon "The Bells of Prince Far I" 3:07 min.
3 - Jah Warrior "Brutality Dub (Dub Flash Special)" 4:14 min.
4 - The Technician "Chill Out" 5:31 min.
5 - Inspirational Sound feat. Richie Ranks "War Dub (Verse 3)" 3:58 min.
6 - Gary Clunk feat. Art-X "Moon Ray" 3:53 min.
7 - Albus Dubledore "Dub up the Jam" 4:35 min.
8 - One Dub Wonder "Our Only Dub" 4:44 min.
9 - Jah Schulz "Dub the Planet" 3:52 min.
10 - Dr. Dubenstein feat. Faith Mystic "Transformations" 4:36 min.
[11 - Dubcreator "The Power II" 3:58 min.]*
*Bandcamp bonus track for people who buy the album.

"You don't know the power of the Dub side." (Dub Vader)


1: Produced, mixed & written by by Dubcreator (A. Goldstein) at The DC Studio in 2024.
2: Produced, mixed & written by Burning Babylon (S. Anderson) at The Tube Station in 2020.
3: Produced, mixed & written by Jah Warrior (S. Mosco) at Jah Warrior Studio in 2024.
4: Produced, mixed & written by The Technician (T. McKenzie) at Technical Studios in 2024.
5: Produced, mixed & written by Inspirational Sound (P. Smith) at Dub Lab in 2010. Vocals by Richie Ranks. Verses 1 & 2 previously released on V.A. "Escape Velocity" (DFR020).
6: Produced & mixed by Gary Clunk (G. Pastor) at Echo Base in 2024. Melodica : Art-X. Original composition by Uptown Rebel (S. Michiels, A. Macheret, G. Pastor).
7: Produced, mixed & written by Albus Dubledore (licensed wizard) at Dubwarts Studio of Dubcraft and Wizardub in 2019.
8: Produced, mixed & written by One Dub Wonder (O. Kedubi, N. Angani) at Studio Kasongo in 2024.
9: Produced, mixed & written by Jah Schulz (M. Fiedler) at Schulz Studio in 2024.
10: Produced, mixed, recorded & written by Dr. Dubenstein (D. Parker) at Dubenstein Lab in 2019. Vocals by Faith Mystic. Previously self-released by Faith Mystic on Bandcamp.
[11: Produced, mixed & written by by Dubcreator (A. Goldstein) at The DC Studio in 2024.]

Compiled by Ralf Dub Flash at Beyond Andromedub Studio in 2024.
Mastered by Me(h) at Me(h)stro Music Studios in 2024, except for 3: Mastered by Jah Warrior at Jah Warrior Studio in 2024.
Artwork by Professeur Chaos at Atelier Branle Bas in 2024.
Videos edited by Bingewatch-R at Come Watch TV Studio in 2024.

Behind the scenes:

The Dub Shoe saga continues. 20 years after episode 1 and 16 years after episode 2 comes episode 3: Stepping of the Dub, yet another homage at our favourite Science Fiction Fantasy Space Opera: Star Wars. Brought to you on Dub Flash/Star Wars day: 4th May 2024. May the Dub be with you, always!

This album features artists with whom Dub Flash has a long standing connection of at least 20 years, who come from all around the globe and who produce a wide range of different Dub styles from 70s roots Dub to digi steppers to cartoonish quirkyness to minimalism to meditation. This compilation has something for every Dub fan in the world.

Since all of the artists gifted their songs to Dub Flash, we gift the release to you, the fans, as well: in the form of a free download on Bandcamp, as well as the usual streaming places. Enjoy!

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