Tales From Bogano

Tales From Bogano

Release no.: DFR031
Artist: Zentropia
Digital release: 04.05.2024
1 - "Echo Bass" 3:31 min.
2 - "Star Destroyer" 3:43 min.

"Bogano feels more simplistic, and yet... I can't figure it out." (Nightsister Merrin)


MPC2000XL, Bass, Guitar and Keyboards by Mark Bray in 2024.
Mixed and mastered by Mark Bray at the Crystaleyezed Fine Arts Studio in Loveland, Ohio, USA in 2024.
Licensed from Crystaleyezed Fine Arts.
Artwork by Professeur Chaos at Atelier Branle Bas in 2024.
Screenshot from Jedi: Fallen Order.
Videos edited by Bingewatch-R at Come Watch TV Studio in 2024.

Behind the scenes:

As a special surprise comes a bonus release accompanying the "Dub Shoe - Episode 3" compilation: Zentropia's "Tales From Bogano" inna Star Dubs style. Yet another homage to our favourite Science Fiction Fantasy Space Opera: Star Wars. Brought to you on Dub Flash/Star Wars day: 4th May 2024.
Zentropia delivers two deep dubs inna 90s Wordsound style. With that, Dub Flash adds yet another Dub style to our wide range of different Dub variations our label has introduced during the decades to the galaxy far, far away.
Have you been to Bogano? If not, you should. It's beautiful. But also a bit scary. Just like Zentropia's music.
Like all other artists from the Dub Shoe 3 compilation, Zentropia has been connected with Dub Flash for over two decades. It's wonderful to have some constants in your life, while spacetime moves forward endlessly and mercilessly.
Info about Zentropia: markalanbray.com, zentropia.com, crystaleyezed.com and @markalanbray on social media.
Please spread the word, if you like it. And also, if you don't. Someone else might like it.
Thank you for your support. Much appreciated.
Greetings from Andromedub

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